Alchemist Akhilesh Yadav rises in stature

In Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav like a precocious politician has risen in stature over the past 48 hours. Former UP Chief Minister has politically out-maneuvered mercurial Mayawati and has exposed Chinks in #Behenji Armour.

What Next? The BSP as a trustworthy umbrella for Scheduled Caste electorates is in deep pit of credibility crisis. By throwing herself in the lap of Locust Lotus (BJP RSS) Kanshiram’s heiress betrayed the expectations of the depressed classes.

Will anyone ever keep faith in the word of the self-obsesed ambitious woman who was born in squalor and poverty but she was catapulted in the corridor of power by the force of people who had been savaged by the feudal czars Mayawati stands accused of coveting today.

One of the BSP’s MLA, Hargovind Bhargava from #Siddhauli Sitapur assembly constituency, has successfully poohpoohed her malicious politics of power and pelf.

The BJP, by all accounts, is adept at buying MLAs whereas the Behenji is best for selling her MLAs. From the horse trader BJP government, only a stallion dealer will be able to cuddle with.

Shamefully sickening level of politics with the aspirations of the suffering subaltern population of India!

Therefore, the Samajwadi Party has become a hot-button favorite for the BSP’s disgruntled leaders. Day after day, BSP members are queuing to hold the hand of India’s charismatic strong socialist leader Akhilesh Yadav.

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