Akhilesh whistle stop road journey to Rampur builds great wall of defence for Azam

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Updated September 16, 2019 | 11:24 IST | Frank Huzur

During his whirlwind and whistle stop road journey of Rampur, former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party’s national President Akhilesh Yadav registered considerable success in mobilisation of the public opinion in favour of beleaguered socialist leader Azam Khan.

Above everything, Akhilesh clarified his unwavering stand in solidarity with Rampur MP when he affirmed, “Our relationship with Azam is beyond political boundary. We are family.”

Spelling out his combative agenda against the ham-handed conduct of the #BJP administration, Akhilesh went a step further in his authoritative demeanour when he said, “All cases against Azam Khan would be withdrawn within 24 hours of Samajwadi Party returning to power in #2022.”

Another significant statement doing the round of Uttar Pradesh’s political landscape emerged on the Friday night at #HumsafarResort public meeting.

Akhilesh spoke with fervour for an hour lashing out at both #NarendraModi and #Yogiadityanath government for betrayal of public expectationa by wbipping up war hysteria and conducting arms sale from Big powers, Apache of USA, C-17 of Russia and Rafale of France while citizens are in a state of indigency due to wasteful expenditure on weapons, not bread and butter.

It was during the night speech at Azam Khan’s resort and next morning at Rabindranath Tagore auditorium in Mohammed Ali Jauhar University Akhilesh announced Socialist workers are ready to court mass arrest and go to jail in a civil disobedience movement against the BJP govt’s discriminatory politics of vengeance.

Going by the colours of cases filed on fictional grounds by the senile Rampur administration a good playwright or a screenplay writer can discover a truckload of spice and syrup for a pooular theatre of absurd. A socialist stalwart and founder chancellor of a trailblazer institution has been slapped with sections of IPC for goat and buffalo theft.

Dismayed by the scale of BJP’s hatred and vendetta for Azam, Akhilesh had to take a jibe against the Rampur District Magistrate by saying, “How many goats do you want? Rampur DM could taks as many goats and buffaloes as he wanted but should stop booking Azam in bogus cases.”

Forner CM also recounted how at one time over hundred cases were filed against socialist patriarch and former Defence Minister Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav but later all of them fell flat in court for the lack of evidence. He further added, “We believe in the Constitution and the Court and expect remedial justice in due course of time.”

BJP govt should stop manufacturing cases against Socialist leaders and workers.

Azam Khan’s greatest fault was that he built a University to secure the future of the next generation. He has changed the fate of aspirational youth.

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