Akhilesh has the Real political Pill for People of UP in 2022 Pandemic Polls

In Akhilesh Yadav
The peaceful transfer of power through elections is a defining feature of democracy. After votes are freely cast and fairly counted, the losing candidate or party accepts the results as legitimate and concedes to the winner. In March 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, who will have a chance to form the next Government?
The battle for Lucknow will begin over the next few months, especially at the beginning of the Autumn, all political parties would be accelerating the pace of their campaign.
The horror of the devastating second wave, #CoronavirusPandemic has created a hellfire atmosphere for everyone in north India. Nothing could have been more terrifying than the raft of floating carcasses and lacerating sight of kites and vultures feasting on human dead bodies on the sandbank of the Ganges.
Will electorate of Uttar Pradesh remember the pandemic politics when they queue up to choose their next Chief Minister?
Perhaps much will depend on the #Pill politicians would be offering in their prescription in the time of grief and despair. With a brighter track record in healthcare reform, Akhilesh Yadav national president of former ruling party, Samajwadi Party, does stand a notch taller than the incumbent chief minister MYogiAdityanath. There could be hardly any doubt over the choice of cool minded characters too.
Akhilesh could have brought more effective state response and saved many lives if he was in power today.
Nevertheless, the electoral muscle-flexing in the Hindi heartland will factor in many moods, not to speak of below-the-belt rhetoric and crafty play by the Ginger group within the different political organisations.
Especially for the formidable opposition on the cusp of regaining power under affable Akhilesh, it is more important than anything else to be extra cautious of the Ginger group.
A small group of pseudo socialists within the organization could attempt to influence the vitality of certain winnable strokes.

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