Ace shooter Peter Turnley’s new book, A New York-Paris Visual Diary-The Human Face of Covid-19″ is a tribute to tender & hard times in the Pandemic

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The first copy has arrived! A very exciting day.
Today, a delivery person arrived at my door with first bound copy of my new limited edition book, “A New York-Paris Visual Diary-The Human Face of Covid-19”. The printing is exquisite!

As promised, all copies ordered of this new 160 page book with 120 photographs and 40 pages of diary text, will be delivered before Christmas. The books are now on their way across the oceans and will be shipped in early December.
The worldwide interest in this self published deluxe book has been overwhelming, with over 1,000 books ordered in the first two weeks of this pre-order period. The book is still available at a special pre-order price at

This is the third book I have self published. I treat this process just like a major publisher with the best printing in the world, designed by Laura Lindgren, the creme of the creme of photography book designers in New York, and all books are signed by me.

This new book is a history of the past 8 months that has touched all of our lives, in New York, and Paris, two epicenters of the Covid crisis. This is a serious and beautiful book, a poignant book, but it is not a sad book. It is a tribute to all of the heroes, and victims of this time-often the same-that have offered all of us a compass of hope with their courage, dignity, determination, selflessness, and humanity.

When I first began to make the photographs in this book, and write a daily dairy-it was not with a book or any other project in mind-it was a form of survival for me. In spite of the great risk in being out each day, while I was very careful to wear a mask and social distance-the stories I came across each day among the amazing people of New York and Paris-gave my heart and life strength and hope-and helped keep me sane. Sharing these stories daily here, and on Instagram with you-also helped keep me going-with the powerful and beautiful interaction of sharing. I thank you all for being on this journey with me.

The book will continue to be available for pre-order another month. All copies will be delivered before Christmas.
The book can be ordered here:

With love.
© Photograph by Carl Westergren, Paris, Oct. 14, 2020.

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