A Hindu Labourer May Prefer Hunger believing Ram Mandir will Cause Painless Death

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By Nalini Ranjan Mohanty, New Delhi

Modi Government can afford to be anti-poor and get away because it has succeeded in using religion to hypnotise a majority of the underprivileged!

How else does one explain that the Government rammed through three labour bills (actually, pro-capitalist, anti-labour bills) in less than 10 minutes in the Rajya Sabha last Tuesday?

The Bills now give more ammunition to the capitalist class to hire and fire the industrial workers with impunity. We are told that this freedom to the capitalist would help increase our industrial productivity.

Even if we accept the skewed logic, we must ask the next legitimate question: shouldn’t the government provide the retrenched workers unemployment allowance to survive or should our government leave the workers to beg, borrow or steal?

In both the capitalist and communist heartland, the unemployed workers get a dole to pull through till they find an alternative employment. Our Prime Minister’s closest friend, President Xi Jinping (whom he has met 18 times in the last six years to exchange ‘cordial’ notes) has provided for the unemployment security for the Chinese worker in a totalitarian country.

Prime Minister Modi’s other close friend, President Trump (whom our leader endorsed in his presidential re-election bid at a rally in Houston last year) also provided for immediate unemployment dole when almost three million American workers lost their job due to the covid pandemic.

Did our workers who found themselves without jobs overnight last March get any financial support to tide over the crisis due to the unemployment?

When you give the capitalist a free hand to throw the workers out and do not guarantee a basic income for his and his family’s survival, in normal course, it should lead to rebellion.

But our leader understands that the Hindu working force which constitutes the majority has been lulled into a hypnotic state hoisting the flag of Ram Mandir. He may die of hunger, but he is sure that he would have a peaceful death because the Ram Mandir is being built.

And the workers belonging to the minority communities do not matter precisely because they are the minorities and are a marginal factor in the numbers game.

Are you then surprised that the Modi Government is openly appeasing the capitalist class which has heaped the ruling party with legal bribes through the dubious instrument called Electoral Bond?

Tragically it is not only poor people, I see many people of middle class being mesmerised by religion and have completely turned against minorities especially Muslims.

A minimum financial security is must for retrenched workers and govt should provide them alternative employment or unemployment dole.

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