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Prof. Pilar Viviente | March 2022

About the artshow

“8 Partituras” (8 Scores) is an interdisciplinary project linked to the IX Conference “Music in our lives”, a theme on which the latest issue of the magazine Crisis (#20, December 2021) is about, which celebrates its X Anniversary with this exhibition organized by Erial Ediciones and curated by the artist Pilar Catalan.


The title refers to the eight artists invited to participate: Sergio Abrain, Mariano Anós, Izaskun Arrieta, Silvia Castell Moreno, Pilar Catalan, Julia Dorado, Gloria Garcia, Pilar Viviente.

The eight artists participate in the exhibition 8 scores and have done so pending to find that path between their creative idea and that of Schubert, the Joubran trio, Arvo Pärt, or the music inspired by different works of this exhibition: those presented by Sara Millán, “Trio” by Jesús Torres and the one that Pilar Viviente has created for her work.

This exhibition and the events that come to life in it will have their reflection in the next edition of the magazine Crisis nº 21, thus putting an end to the task of completing that union of art and music with literature and all the other arts that we are able to link with them, as Fernando Morlanes points out,  Director of Crisis. Journal of cultural criticism. See: https://www.erialediciones.com/exposicion-8-partituras/


Critical note on the exhibition

This exhibition does not leave indifferent, it is ambitious and very complete. It presents an intelligent exhibition montage, articulated around three axes (visual or digital art, object or sculptural work, and musical in QR format), which invites the visitor to wonder about the nature of the works when touring the room.

The catalogue and the texts published in it also contribute to the viewer’s journey, as well as the video about the artists produced by crisis magazine for this exhibition.

The digital work on display has been catalogued. The catalogue 8 PARTITURAS is available on the Internet and can be consulted as well as purchased at the exhibition.

The text of the photographer and poet Marga Clark written for the catalogue can be read on the wall of the exhibition hall preceding the work of the artists, while the text of the artists on their own work, also published in this catalogue, has been included in the technical sheet of the works exhibited and can be read when contemplating the work.

Regarding the word that accompanies the image, in addition to the text of Marga Clark and that of the eight artists, we must mention the texts of Mari Carmen Gastón and Fernando Morlanes interpreting the dreams of the images, and whose reading we also enjoy in the catalog.

Likewise, a poetic recital has been included as a parallel activity to the exhibition, “completing the cycle and opening new windows of flight and interpretation”, as Pilar Catalán, curator of the exhibition, points out.

Of the eight visual images, digital art, exhibited (and cataloged) multiple have been made to give to those associated with Crisis Magazine. Reference: Project for the cultural magazine CRISIS: IX Conference. Music in our lives. Edition 8 Scores with a print run of 100 copies signed and numbered. Edits Erial Ediciones.


On the other hand, the technical sheets of the exhibited works include a QR code to download the music that accompanies each work. The viewer can download it from their own mobile when contemplating the work, so that the aesthetic experience is, simultaneously, visual and auditory. This QR code is also included in the exhibition catalogue so that the reader can download it.

As Pilar Catalán, the curator of the exhibition, says: “Image and music fall in love through different QR in which we can listen to the music linked to each image, Schubert, Pilar Viviente, Sara Millán, Jesús Torres, Trio Joubran and Arbo Pärt, form an orchestra of sensations that sensitizes and floods us.”

In addition, the digital work of each artist exhibited on the wall has its own volumes, an object correlate, a singular and unique sculptural work specially conceived for this exhibition as a scenography or choreography inside a methacrylate cube. The creative strategies are very varied: constructivist, pictorial, collage, assemblage, ready-made, ready-made aided… These cubes or containers with various materials and artistic languages have a symbolic value closely related to the digital image created by the artist. Two of these cubes integrate the light emitted by a projector and incorporate movement.


The exhibition is completed with an audiovisual that sheds light on the work of the artists. It consists of a common video with works by the eight artists that make up the exhibition 8 PARTITURAS and that collects the images that have illustrated some of the articles of the Crisis Magazine. It has been produced by Erial Ediciones – Revista Crisis (edition and postproduction: Audiovisual Laboratory of the History Center, Zaragoza) with texts by Fernando Morlanes Remiro, Director of Crisis, and coordinated by him and Pilar Catalán.

Pilar Catalán affirms that “It is a proposal to start an initiatory journey through the senses, a meeting of artistic manifestations whose itinerary is immersed in pluralities, fusions, substitutions, and simultaneities of sight, hearing, smell and touch, which allows an explosion of discourses and aims to involve the public and redefine representation.”

As a whole, the exhibition is perceived as a whole with an interdisciplinary and multisensory journey, being a pleasure for the senses and a great stimulus for the intellect.

This interdisciplinary project involves the viewer in an immersive, multisensory, plural and diversified experience, which stimulates the sensorium, enhances the innate faculties of the imagination and generates diverse narratives. Oblivious to any nominalist discourse, the exhibition offers a journey open to multiple readings and interpretations. We are facing a balance between disparate narratives.

It is in this space of experimentation, freedom and plurality where we can grow as human beings in a broad sense, and where it is possible to associate hearing and visual image or touch and word.

In the words of Pilar Catalán: “Listen to the image, see the visual shapes and colors in the music, smell the word and feel its texture. It is about hearing more, seeing more, feeling more and thus proposing new paradigms of the future.”


Take a break





Open yourself to sensations

Feel the power of the senses

Be free

You are your own being in the sensorium


Photo Credits

Pilar Viviente. Palimpsest. We Are Made Of Time. 1987-2022.
Gloria García. Ensoñaciones… A solas. 2002.
Julia Dorado. Mis tardes con Sabini en su jardín. 2022.
Pilar Catalán. Coreografía 666. 2022.
Silvia Castell. Último compás. 2022.
Izaskun Arrieta. Caja de resonancia. 2022.
Mariano Anós. Cubo pentagrama. 2022.
Sergio Abrain. Emisor sonoro. 2022.
Right view of the show 8 Partituras (8 Scores) of 8 artists (Digital Art, 2021).
Left view of the show 8 Partituras (8 Scores) of 8 artists (Digital Art, 2021).



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