Trump’s woman problem. Women Voters Dumping Trump

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By David Talbot & Phil Rockstroh, California

Thank the Goddess for women’s suffrage on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. According to a just-released New York Times poll, it’s only because of women voters in battleground states like Iowa — and now even Georgia (!) — that Trump is flailing in his re-selection bid. If it were up to white male voters, this disaster of a human being would win in a landslide.

WTF is wrong with my fellow white men? Trump has purposely bungled the pandemic, costing many of their jobs (if not their lives); he has blatantly favored the super-rich over the rest of us “losers;” he has similar contempt for those in uniform, especially those unlucky enough to die in battle. And yet white men LOVE his fat ass. Go figure.

Women voters, on the other hand, are fleeing from him in droves — women of all races and classes. I mean how many times can you see evidence that this rich, entitled pig has raped and assaulted women, paid for porn stars’ services, swanned around with Jeffrey Epstein and his underage sex slaves, salivated over his own daughter, reduced his wife to a prop — AND cracked down on women’s rights?

Women have seen enough of Donald Trump. They’re firing him. Like I said, thank the Goddess for the 19th Amendment!

Hillary Clinton lost, due to the characteristic hubris, because she was convinced Republican women would cross party lines to vote for her as opposed to the crass, pussy-grabbin’ abomination that is Donald Trump. They didn’t.

Moreover, if they did not cross party lines in 2016 — then, one can posit, they will not be prone to vote for the rapey-fingered, stumble-mouthed, hair plug in search of an operable brain that is Joe Biden.

Frightening, painful, and probably true. They have their complex and fictional narratives clear and much better rehearsed than we have our simple and truer ones — like a vote for Biden is a vote for the hope of a democracy, one that we can hope to improve!

How anyone actually believe the US — a dictatorship on money and blood-drenched militarist empire — as enable by the extant duopoly — is a democracy — much less a viable republic? Both Trump and Biden are symptoms; the US is the disease.

First, the slave-raping, genocide-happy, Commoner-loathing, powdered wig-bedecked aristocratic founders of the US were flat out phobic regarding the very notion of democracy (what — give the rabble economic self-determination when they can be exploited?) — thus they framed a sham republic for the purpose of protecting their wealth and attendant hold on power. RE: “What do you want to see and how do you advise we get there?”

The best option — if there is even one for a nation as ridden in denial and decay as is the US — would be to cease enabling the irredeemable corrupt Democratic Party with one’s votes — thus allowing the hideous thing to die on the vine. Then seed, cultivate, and allow to rise a left, progressive, socialist party to rise from its reeking compost.

I said, and to repeat for the belligerently obtuse, that the first two responses to my comment mirrored the presence of mind one would witness at a Trump rally by his supporters.

The subject is, the present election and US political duopoly — the system that foisted two toxic, miserable candidates on the voters of the US sham republic.

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