The Lies of 9/11 “Miracle Workers”. Bush and Cheney, How They Ruined America and the World

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By Danica Niketic

A Review of David Ray Griffin’s Book

Here is a Summation of Griffin’s 15 Major Miracles:

1. The Twin Towers and WTC 7 were the only steel-framed high-rise buildings ever to come down without explosives or incendiaries.

2. The Twin Towers, each of which had 287 steel columns, were brought down solely by a combination of airplane strikes and jet-fuel fires.

3. WTC 7 was not even hit by a plane, so it was the first steel-framed high-rise to be brought down solely by ordinary building fires.

4. These World Trade Center buildings also came down in free fall – the Twin Towers in virtual free fall, WTC 7 in absolute free fall – for over two seconds.

5. Although the collapses of the of the WTC buildings were not aided by explosives, the collapses imitated the kinds of implosions that can be induced only by demolition companies.

6. In the case of WTC 7, the structure came down symmetrically (straight down, with an almost perfectly horizontal roofline), which meant that all 82 of the steel support columns had to fall simultaneously, although the building’s fires had a very asymmetrical pattern.

7. The South Tower’s upper 30-floor block changed its angular momentum in midair.

8. This 30 floor block then disintegrated in midair.

9. With regard to the North Tower, some of its steel columns were ejected out horizontally for at least 500 feet.

10. The fires in the debris from the WTC buildings could not be extinguished for many months.

11. Although the WTC fires, based on ordinary building fires, could not have produced temperatures above 1,800℉, the fires inexplicably melted metals with much higher melting points, such as iron (2,800℉) and even molybdenum (4,753℉).

12. Some of the steel in the debris had been sulfidized, resulting in Swiss-cheese-appearing steel, even though ordinary building fires could not have resulted in the sulfidation.

13. As a passenger on AA Flight 77, Barbara Olson called her husband, telling him about hijackers on her plane, even though this plane had no onboard phones and its altitude was too high for a cell phone call to get through.

14. Hijacker pilot Hani Hanjour could not possibly have flown the trajectory of AA 77 to strike Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, and yet he did.

15. Besides going through an unbelievable personal transformation, ringleader Mohamed Atta also underwent an impossible physical transformation.

Griffin examines each of these “miracles” in detail. Taken together, they reduce the official explanation of 9/11 to a story told to credulous children who are afraid of the dark. One can only hope that Americans are ready to grow up and accept that the bogeyman is real and that he is out to devour them and the rest of the world if they don’t awaken from their hypnotic sleep.

Danica Niketic

But the book:

Red the review:

11 September 2001 Time-line

The horror and emotion of it is just as real today as it was back then. It’s still shocking & almost unbelievable.

At 8.46 AM a film crew were following the daily activities of a New York City Fire Department crew and captured footage of AA Flight 11 hitting the North Tower of WTC.

It changed the world as we know it. The Godless creatures who were responsible.

This America has NOT been the same since.

The 4 terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 resulted in the deaths of 2,997 people, including the 19 hijackers.

60 New York Police officers were killed during the 9/11 attacks: 23 of the NYPD; 37 of the Port Authority of New York and the New Jersey Police Department.

A total of 343 New York fire service personnel died trying to save lives on 9/11.

Never realised the firefighter death toll was so high.

I suspect there would have been many others who have been physically & mentally affected and unable to return to active duty.

Of the 19 hijackers who carried out 9/11 terrorise attacks: 15 were Saudi Arabian, two were from United Arab Emirates and one each was from Egypt and Lebanon.

11 September 2001. 10:28 AM. The North Tower of the World Trade Centre in New York City suddenly and spectacularly collapsed.

11 September 2001. 10:03 AM. UA Flight 93 crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. All 44 people on board were killed. Telephone conversations suggest they bravely tried to reclaim control of the plane.

Poor souls. What a horrible way to die.

11 September 2001. 9:59 AM. The South Tower of the World Trade Centre in New York City collapsed, 56 minutes after being hit by a plane.

11 September 2001. 9:37 AM. Flight 77 was deliberately crashed into the western side of the Pentagon in Washington DC. All 64 people on board were killed.

11 September 2001. 9:05 AM. While seated in a classroom full of children, in Sarasota, Florida, President George Bush is told of the second devastating crash on the Twin Towers.

I will always remember how Bush reacted.
Bewilderment. Fear. Panic. Terror.
I didn’t like him at all, but a brief moment, his humanity slipped through.

11 September 2001. 8.58 AM. Brian Sweeney left a poignant recorded phone message to his wife Julie, from UA Flight 175. He was pessimistic about his chance of survival.

Hits you like a punch in the guts, heartbreaking.

11 September 2001. 8.49 AM. CNN News in New York City reported news of the first crash into the Twin Towers.

11 September 2001. 8:42 AM. United Airlines Flight 93 departed from Newark International Airport in New Jersey to San Francisco International Airport. Four hijackers soon violently seize control of flight deck.

11 September 2001. 8:20 AM. American Airlines Flight 77 took off from Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia, bound for Los Angeles International Airport. Five hijackers quickly take control of the plane.

11 September 2001. 8.14 AM. United Airlines Flight 175 departed from Logan international Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, bound for Los Angeles International Airport. Five hijackers were soon in control of the aircraft.

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