Murmur of protest from industrialists Godrej -Narayan Murti against Modi & BJP policies

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Updated July 18, 2019 | 05:53 IST | Frank Huzur

Suddenly we are hearing some caustically critical voices from Corporate India big ticket names. Adi Godrej, Trade czar of Godrej group and Narayan Murthy, the man behind Infosys, have deviated from their earlier line of admiration for Narendra Modi and have now warned that the country’s economy is in danger due to crooked management and hateful agenda of the BJP.

Darshan Mondkar examines the anguish now driving Adi Godrej and Narayana Murthy.

“So, Narayan Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys says, “Looking at what is happening in different parts of the Country today, the youth need to state bluntly that this was not the country for which our forefathers got freedom”

At the same time noted Industrialist, Adi Godrej says, “Rising intolerance, hate crimes and moral policing could seriously damage economic growth. Unemployment is at 6.1%, a four decade high and should be tackled immediately”

Now let’s give a big round of applause along with standing ovations, clap interventions and desk thumping to both Narayan Murthy and Adi Godrej 👏

Oh thank you so much both of you for being these bold and enthusiastic leaders of your Industry segments with 1000s of youngsters looking up to you.

Very wise words indeed.

But wait a minute……

In Nov 2018, Narayan Murthy backed Narendra Modi by saying, “I broadly feel that Modi has led a strong and economic progressive government. His focus on economic growth and discipline is a good thing”

Seriously???? So did Murthy not notice the rising intolerenace and hate crimes which were furiously going on since 2014?

Was he blind for the last 5 years or completely oblivious to what was going around him?

Did he not read about the Lynch Mob Murders of minorities under silly pretexts?

Why did Murthy not say anything “bluntly” then, and lead by example??

What happened to “practise what you preach”?

Or did Murthy think that those hate crimes were good for the economy then but bad for the economy now?

And Mr. Adi Godrej……

In Feb 2019, Adi Godrej said, “The shortage of jobs is a perception created by the opposition. Infact we have a shortage of people. The country is going in the right direction”

LOLWA…. So in less than 6 months Adi Godrej goes from ‘we have a lot of jobs but shortage of people’….. to …..’we have a 4 decade high rate of unemployment’???

He goes from the country is going in the right direction to the direction in which we are going is not good for the country?

Are you fricking kidding me?

Was Adi Godrej not aware of what was going on? Or was he waiting for the Govt to declare the unemployment data till he actually figured it out?

These people like Murthy and Godrej are called visionaries and looked upon as idols!!!!

They are here to set an example for the new generations.

But all it appears is that they are businessmen whose only obligation is to the networth of their shareholders.

They will open their mouths only when it helps their businesses and they will make statements which will only come to rescue their own interests.

These guys were quite happy while the common man was being hit while the Corporates were laughing their way to the bank.

They forgot that it is the common man that buys their products that makes the economy thrive.

Now that they are being hit because the common man doesn’t have any money, they suddenly wake up and feel restless???

When visionaries like Godrej and Murthy have such a shallow vision for the nation, it is not a surprise that those less fortunate and less successful are living in a myopic world with a selfish interest about only themselves.

I am not saying that people should not be selfish, you have every right to be so. But when you are also a hypocrite, it is but a matter of time before someone highlights that hypocrisy in you.”

‘Show me the Leaders that the youth of your country look up to and I will tell you the future of your country.’

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