Happy Birthday, H L Dusadh, Diversity Man of India

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This day in 1953 the Diversity Man of India was born. H L Dusadh Dusadh is one of the greatest public intellectuals in the country and a prolific writer of over 70 enlightening books.

His literary discourse has the agenda of subaltern in the centre. India’s #SocialJustice movement had been deeply enriched by his peerless volume of political literature.

In a country where caste discrimination rules the roost and war for rightful representation of OBC/SC-ST is still being fought on many levels, voice of enlightened commentator like Heera Lal Dusadh becomes the voice of the voiceless.

My intellectual conversation with the Diversity Man Dusadh had always been uplifting and inspiring.

Frankly speaking, teading his works motivate me to read and write more about the cause and concern of the oppressed communities.

Moreover, I am absolutely in awe of his vast reading of world literature, especially sagas of liberation and civil rights movement in the United States of America, Africa and elsewhere.

Very few language writers of the country are so very animatedly conversant with the legends of black heroes and achievers of Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverley Hills studios or the success story of blacks in the British and European arts world.

He can talk hour and hour about the feat of Morgan Freeman, Will Smith and Denezel Washington, black powerhouse stars of Hollywood in the same breath as he can mesmerise you with long discourse on Ambedkar, Phule, Periyar, Kanshi Řàm and Behan Mayawati, Lalu Prasad and Akhilesh Yadav.

During several rounds of conversation Dusadh saheb has been expressing his concern about the lack of diversity in Indian media and Bollywood.

Woefully frightening lack of diversity in Media, Academia and Judiciary gives him goosebumps more often than not.

Genuine grievance I share with him and wonder when Prime time broadcast will have OBC – Dalit, ST & Muslim anchors in India and when Bollywood will have top-billing actors and artists from the largest humanity pool?

Happy birthday, sir. You are a versatile genius. Many more to come. I raise the toast in cheer for you!

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