Goodbye Master Sabori! You were the most dedicated Afghan !

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By Farooq Sulehria

Farooq Sulehria is an activist and academic, based in Lahore

Reverentially called Sabori Sahab (Teacher Sabori), a friend, a fighter and a fatherly figure for thousands of Afghans lost his life in a traffic accident yesterday.

Afghanistan will be a lot more poor without Gholam Muhammad Noori.

It was a life dedicated to women rights, girls education and his village Archi. A village he would proudly refer to as ‘My Archi’.

He donated a piece of land to build a school a few years ago. The encouraging enrollment at school made him happy and proud. He dedicated another piece of land because the school kids lacked a play ground.

Beyond Archi, there was an entire country he was responsible for as a dedicated official in the Education sector. Risking his life, he would travel to every dangerous corner in the country to inspect schools. ”Without girls education, Afghanistan can not progress,” was his one-dimensional discourse. And he had such convincing arguments to prove his point.

So generous that he could share his house with friends in need. He could go hungry to feed his friends.

Lived a life that anybody with a conscience would be proud of.

Spent many years in Pakistan as a refugee. Despite many harsh experiences, remained a true internationalist. Never fell for petty nationalism. Politically, more astute than many Afghan ‘ideologues and theoreticians’.

For the fear of his family’s security, can not write much about a life spent bravely, honestly, and fighting back and organising resistance against the forces of darkness in Afghanistan.

Lal Salam Sabori Sahab. Goodbye Lala!

You will always live in our hearts.

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