Boris Johnson’s BROVID Moment as Great Britain fights Covid Lockdown

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By Pete North, London

I’ll keep my Covid comments short. Nobody should be surprised by this. We all knew it was coming. We know it’s seasonal. We have also proved what we’ve all been able to see. There is no coherent state between a lockdown and virtually no measures at all. Thus, politically, this about the only tool in the box.

I still maintain that a functioning localised test and trace system is part of the solution. Where it has been tried it has worked, but it is clearly not the whole of the solution. Its failure, though, is not for want of resources. It’s starts with a faulty mindset and a lack of leadership all the way through the system.

The anger, if anything, is as much a consequence of self-deception in that many of us had allowed ourselves to believe that a new year meant we could put 2020 behind us. That, sadly, was never going to be the case. It was perhaps a necessary psychological anchor to get through to the end of 2020, but we’re going to have to suck it up a while longer and hope the vaccine will do its thing as production ramps up.

If by the end of summer we still don’t have a handle on it and the vaccine proves inert, we’ve then got the mother of all political battles on our hands. We have to admit nothing we do works and the government is locked into lockdowns because politically there is nothing else it can do. Until then we just have to put up with it, tedious and depressing though it may be.

Rather conviently the lockdown also gets Boris off the hook over his flawed deal with the EU. That in itself told us this was coming.

I don;t think it does get him off the hook. Lockdown establishes its own routine fairly quickly. Brexit is for life, not just for Christmas. At best this keeps Brexit out of the news for a fortnight, and then starts creeping back in just as things start to get serious.

It gets him off the hook in the short term which is how Boris works. In the longer term I don’t disagree many issues will need to be dealt with. And certainly he’s not the man for job, we need shot of him quickly but not sure how that will happen.

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