BJP regime clueless about Corona Virus outbreak, Modi TV address is non-serious

In Akhilesh Yadav

Updated March 19, 2020 Lucknow | 09:30 IST | Frank Huzur


The gist of PM’s address is that the Govt is cowering in confusion amidst conflict. #Modispensation is clueless about Corona virus outbreak. Absolutely nothing over the concrete plan to handle the healthcare, not to mention the economic Emergency India is mired in

BJP’s govt’s plan to defeat Corona, by all means, is bordering on paranoia and helplessness. Advocacy of completion shutdown from Dawn to Dusk for all practical purposes seems to be like fasting for illusory gain.

Worst of all is the suggestion of comical clap in the evening as if 14-Hour self-imposed house arrest would conquer the scary infection.

This is why we have to believe that the country has the Dumbest & droolest PM in the world!.

Why Modi is afraid of talking about the benefits of his much hyped Health Insurance scheme? Why he is not sharing the status report of government hospital with regard to combating the scourge of pandemic?

Why he is fighting shy of sermonising countrymen about number of masks and kits for the war on the killer virus?

Why didn’t he show up with his sidekick health minister?

Why the PM did not prescribe cow urine for the instant cure? Does he not fear the wrath of disciples and desperadoes of the orange city ??

Therefore, it goes without saying that we had a double dose of Monkey Baat for March.

#Mo_Sha regime has plans aplenty to wage war against the financially straitened households as it hikes platform ticket to astronomical scale. But the saffron party has no plans for pandemic.

Of course, television address was high on rhetoric and low on reason, grossly non-serious approach to tackle #CoronavirusPandemic


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